Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christiana Howard Smith's Letter Dated Aug 2 1877 Transcribed

Due to overwhelming response in regards to Christiana Smith's letters, I have begun transcribing them. This has proven to be a difficult task, but I am determined to get this done for you and for my family. 

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Here is the first letter again with it's transcription underneath. I have tried my best to transcribe it word for word, but some words I can not read and some don't quite make sense in the context.

Levy County Bronson Fla
August the 2 1877
My dear Brothers ire seived your dis
stressfull letr of the deth
of our por old father i hav laust my las
t best friend inn this woorld i 
see nothing but truble in this world
i hav to work in the field to keep
up my plase i hav got a hard time
i make plenty to do see i hav five
boys and three girls one of the girls
is marid my suninlaw tends to my
stock my boys is ... (?) i am giting
old mity fast sum times i am nearl
y blind i cant hardly rit i dont kno
whether you can read this or not
right to me about your mother and
all the rest i want to no if you and
lumus(?) is marid i love to hear from
you all por...(?) your to right to
me oftin i have a near feling for you
all but ...(?) like you might right
to me oftin my Dear brothers plese
send me your picturs and fathers
age i wod be so glad to see you all
this leavs us all wel hoping thers few
times wil reach you all the same blesing
right soon your loving sister un
till deth

C.E. Smith

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