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Laura D. Smith (1854-1916) Letters

Laura D. Smith

First of all, thank you so much for the kind words regarding my previous post about Christiana Elizabeth Howard Smith. I am truly humbled by the response I have received.

Due to the overwhelming response, I wanted to share a few letters that her daughter, Laura D. Smith (my 2nd great grandmother) wrote to her uncle, Columbus Howard; who resided in Liberty County Georgia. 
Counter clockwise from bottom left:
Christopher Columbus Howard,
John Stouten Howard,
Georgia Rebecca Wilkinson Howard,
Mary Golden Howard

At the time she wrote these letters, she was 23 years old living in Levy County, Florida. Her father, James Bryant Smith, had passed away 3 years prior. These were written roughly around the same time her mother's letters were written in the aforesaid post

Laura went on to marry Hustis Studstill on the 1st of September, 1878; just 3 months after writing the second letter. Laura and Hustis went on to have five children: Emanuel, Ola, Elizabeth, Lonnie, and Atlanta (my great grand mother).

Emma Atlanta Studstill Webster Clyatt

I have taken the time to transcribe these letters and I promise I will start working on transcribing Christiana's letters soon. So be sure to subscribe to this blog, or follow me on Facebook to be updated on future posts.

Once again, thank you dearly for taking the time and interest in my family. 

And... here are the letters:

Bronson Levy County Fla
December the 17 1877

Mr. Columbus Howard
I will tak the pleaser of wrating
you A few lines Dear unkel I
want you to send me your pictures
and grandpaws I sent you mi pictures
for your and send them to me if you
will (?) I want you to wright
to me I wil close for this time
hoping to hear from you soon
Laura D Smith

Bronson Levy County Fla
June the 9 1878
Mr. Columbus Howard dear
unkil I receive your kind little
note and I am glad to hear from
you we air all well at this time
hoping those few lines may
reach you all well and injoying
the best of helth I have
nothing nue to wright you
you wrote for Mothers picture
she has only one if she had
too you shood have one of them
Shore I want you to come out
hear one time be fore you get old
I will say to you ther is one
Girl that you will like I think

Page 2

She sead that your pictur was very
pretty and She wold like to See
you I want you to send me unkel 
Johns pictur if you pleas I want 
you to tell aunt Mary and 
aunt Emely and unkel John
to wright if thay pleas I wold 
be very glad to hear from you
all well I will come to A
close for this time hoping
to hear from you soon
I will say to you pleas dont
forget my note this 
time and wrightto me
soon I remain
as ever your nece

Laura D Smith

Laura passed away on the 26th of August, 1916. She was interred at Ebenezer Cemetery, near Chiefland Florida, Levy County.

Grave marker of Laura D, Smith Studstill
Ebenezer Cemetery, Cheifland, Florida

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