Thursday, December 6, 2018

Websters and Studstills from Levy County FL

Recently, I was able to borrow some old photos and letters that belonged to my grandmother, Dorothy "Dottie"Webster. Since I haven't posted anything to the blog in a while, I decided I would at least share some of these. Some of the subjects in the photos I have not been able to identify, others took me a bit of time to research. A few of these were in such great condition, I made copies and digitally colored them. There are a few in this collection that I received afterwards from meeting some cousins from this side of my family, so I have included them here. All of these were from Levy County Florida.

I want to specially thank all of my cousins who have shared these with me. It means so much to me - having grown up most of my life not knowing this side of my family. 

Annie Pearl Scoggins Webster and Dottie Webster (Granny)

Annie Pearl Scoggins Webster

L to R: Atlanta Studstill Webster Clyatt, Ola Studstill Humphries,
Mildred Webster Etheridge, and Auburn Etheridge

Lizzie Studstill

Laura Darlin Smith Studstill and Atlanta Studstill (about 1897)

Laura Darlin Smith Studstill

Annie Pearl Scoggins Webster and Lawson Webster II

Lawson Webster III

Lawson William Webster II

Lonnie Jeremiah Studstill
(murdered in 1922)

Lonnie Jeremiah Studstill
Believed to be Ola Studstill

Believed to be Ola Studstill

Believed to be Mildred Webster

Believed to be Atlanta Studstill Webster and Dottie Webster (about 1927)


Ola Studstill Humphries



Believed to be Studstill's

Neighbors: The McClains and Websters

Reverse side of the above photo

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