Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Letters from Lawson Webster to Atlanta Studstill Webster

Lawson William Webster and Atlanta Studstill Webster Clyatt

I know, I know... It's been a long time since I have posted anything to the Kindred Roots blog. Sometimes, life gets in the way. I have continued to work on my genealogy, albeit, not as much as I used to. 

Today, I would like to share some letters that were written in the early 1900's by my great grandfather, Lawson (L.W.) Webster, to his girlfriend/wife, Atlanta Studstill. 

Lawson William Webster was born in Washigton County, GA in 1884 to Lewis Webster and Ella Sheppard. He moved to North Florida around the turn of the 20th century. It was here that he would meet Atlanta Studstill.

Laura Darlin Smith Studstill and Atlanta Studstill
Atlanta was born in 1889 in Levy County, FL near what is now Chiefland; to Hustus "Hute" Studstill and Laura Darlin Smith. Atlanta and Lawson would have 4 children together. Lewis, Mildred, Lawson, and Dorothy "Dottie."

I know some of the handwriting is hard to read, but I hope you can get an understanding of what was being written. There was a bit of drama, and there was some pain as their first child, Lewis, died shortly after birth in December of 1909. 

Not all of the letters are dated, so I have done my best to place them in order, but the ones with unknown dates are towards the end.

Lawson would die fairly young in 1930 on a trip to Alabama. Atlanta remarried to Sebastian Cabot Clyatt in Levy County. She would pass away in 1965. Unfortunately, She would witness the death of her son, Lawson Jr. in 1957. They are all buried in Ebenezer Cemetery near Chiefland, FL.

Mildred Webster

Atlanta Studstill Webster Clyatt
Lawson Webster Jr. and his wife Annie Pearl Scoggins Webster
Dorothy "Dottie" Webster

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  1. Hi.. The picture you have posted of Mildred Webster is actually my Aunt Marion Clyatt Williams , daughter of Sebastian Cabot Clyatt Sr.